Prof. Dr. Johann DeBeer

To Whom it may concern

Even in today’s modern world many children are still experiencing problems with their Sensory Motor Skills. These problems impact negatively on their academic performance and on their emotional wellbeing.

I have recently been introduced to the work being done by Coordikids. Their innovative way of using online intervention to overcome the problems caused by poor Sensory Motor Skills is a great solution.
Their step-by-step program makes it easy for parents to rectify the identified problems at a very reasonable price, in the comfort of their own homes!

I recommend Coordikids because I know how important sound Sensory Motor Skills are. The way the program is structured makes it easy for parents to ensure that their children will be able to progress to the best of their abilities in the classroom as well as on the sports field. The successful intervention will also boost their morale and emotional wellbeing.

Yours Truly,

Prof. Dr. Johann DeBeer
MA, D. Litt, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman