What will CoordiClass do for my students?

Participating in CoordiClass is beneficial for all students – those with and without learning challenges. Through targeted exercises and movement breaks, CoordiClass encourages:

  • Movement –the vestibular system has a fairly immediate effect on the alertness levels

  • Brain Bridging – exercises using the two sides of the body encourages whole brain thinking

  • Balance and Rhythm – for effective self-regulation

  • Listening – movement on specific sounds and rhythm prepares the child to focus on the teacher’s voice

 The program should lead to improvements in the following areas:

  • Concentration

  • Ability to sit and attend to task

  • awareness of surrounding space

  • gross motor skills

  • balance

  • self-confidence

  • enjoyment of movement activities


What is pediatric occupational therapy and how does it benefit children in school?

Occupational therapy seeks to ensure optimal functioning in all aspects of a person’s life. Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on early childhood development disorders to improve children’s independence with daily tasks such as dressing, grooming, mealtimes, hygiene and other household activities.

In school, occupational therapy seeks to improve student’s abilities to effectively and efficiently engage in school related activities, including addressing student’s sensory integration and processing needs, so they are better able to meet school social, physical and academic demands.

A sensory diet has been proven to be an effective tool to help many children towards improved concentration and self-regulation. An important part of a sensory diet is movement activities. Each person and each child has a different body with different needs regarding movement. The movements chosen for CoordiClass will encourage the optimal regulation of the RAS (Reticular Activating System) in all children and adults. The RAS controls levels of alertness and thus has a direct effect on concentration.


How does CoordiClass differ from the services my school’s occupational therapist provides to a few of my students?

Occupational therapy services are rarely provided in private school settings. In public school, occupational therapy is only provided to students found eligible to receive such special education services under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). If students are not found to have a disability requiring occupational therapy, services are not provided – even if the child would benefit as a result.

Therefore, not only are many students simply not served by an occupational therapist, but also those who do receive services may only do so on an infrequent basis. CoordiClass, however, allows all students engage in needed movement breaks. CoordiClass cannot replace individual therapy sessions and will not assess a child’s specific needs.  If a child needs occupational therapy intervention, it would be best to contact us for an individualized program through CoordiConsult.


Are the CoordiClass programs available for use with my entire class?

Yes! Students, no matter their ability level, benefit from movement by preparing their bodies and minds for learning. CoordiClass videos are designed to implement with your entire class – simply play the video for your students. They follow along with the simple, fun and engaging exercises. You’ll quickly see results as all of your students will be better able to focus, attend to task and learn.


What age groups does CoordiClass target?

CoordiClass was designed to use in kindergarten through twelfth grade classrooms. The program combines music with movement breaks to better prepare students to learn and focus throughout the school day.


Not all of my students have motor or attention difficulties. Why should I use CoordiClass?

Hopefully your students – or the majority of your students – do not present with difficulties in fine motor, gross motor, or attention skills. However, CoordiClass will both prevent problems before they become issues (at times making you aware of difficulties before they lead to functional issues for your students) and ensure your students are always prepared to focus and learn while at school. Because all children benefit from movement breaks, your students do not need to have a particular area of difficulty in order to benefit from CoordiClass.


How long does it take to implement the CoordiClass program?

CoordiClass exercises were designed to do once each school day. The exercises can be done in just five to ten minutes each day.

Depending on your students, on the tasks of the specific day and your preference, you can repeat a set of exercises or a single exercise as often as needed throughout the day.


My students often lose interest in activities. Will CoordiClass keep students engaged?

Because CoordiClass delivers therapy in short, frequent bursts, children tend to enjoy the programs and remain engaged.  With new exercises delivered before previous ones become boring, the program is always fresh and exciting.  Program stretches over 15 fortnights (30 weeks).  A new set of exercises are available for each fortnight.  The program follows the way the brain develops towards excellent sensory motor skills, including brain bridging.

All the exercises will be available for the teacher to repeat as often as necessary.


Will CoordiClass improve a child’s fine motor skills and/or handwriting?

Sensory Motor Skills, which serve as the foundation for efficient postural control, brain bridging and gross motor skills, are also the precursor to fine motor skills and handwriting.
CoordiClass will help your child gain core strength and improve their seated posture. Without a strong core, you may notice students slouching even when sitting, or clumsily falling off chairs. After participating in our program, you’ll notice improvement in your student’s ability to sit still at a table and their increased stabilization will lead to better hand coordination and ability to concentrate on fine motor skills, including handwriting.


Will CoordiClass improve a child’s ability to concentrate, attend to task and sit still?

Yes! After completing one of our programs your students will further develop his/her nervous system, balance, posture and muscle endurance. These things will allow them to remain in a seated position, concentrate, and maintain focus on their work for longer periods of time. As a result, they will be better prepared and able to learn in school.


Can CoordiClass help my students socially?

Absolutely. It’s no secret all children want to be accepted by their peers. CoordiClass will not only help your students improve their ability to participate in age appropriate activities and games, but also CoordiClass will boost their self-confidence. Improved awareness of self and the surrounding environment pave the way to improved social awareness.  While we’re always excited to hear about student’s physical improvements, we’re even more thrilled to learn of your student’s increased self-esteem and happiness.


What will I receive with the CoordiKids program?

You will receive online access to 30 weekly exercises to be done on a daily basis plus all the training you’ll need to implement the new exercises in your class. You will also have access to one free Skype consultation to discuss specific issues.


Once using CoordiClass, when can I expect to see improvements in my students and how do I know if the program is working?

Rates of improvement are dependent on your student’s individual needs and the frequency with which you use CoordiClass. Because CoordiClass essentially re-trains the brain by building new pathways, it is important to repeat the same exercises 5 times/week. With each new exercise, you’ll begin to notice increases in your student’s coordination, ability to focus and attend to task.

All of our videos include information regarding what your students should eventually attain in terms of preferred posture and ideal number of repetitions to achieve. Therefore, if your students are able to reach the targeted goal each week, you’ll know he/she is progressing appropriately.

In general you should see improvement of the ability to focus after using these exercises. You can use it early in the morning to get the students going, after a break to help them to calm down and focus or after lengthy periods of sitting (especially the older students)to get the body going, the brain focused and to be ready for the next stretch of work.


We are following the program appropriately; however our students are not making progress. What should we do?

While CoordiClass should lead to improvements for all children, we recognize that each child is different and occasionally, accommodations need to be made. If you’re experiencing difficulties, we hope you’ll contact us so we can offer additional support.

After following the program for three months and contacting us with any problems, in the unlikely event you are still not satisfied and are unable to notice any improvements in your students, we will refund 100% of what you’ve paid – no questions asked.


Will the improvement my students make be permanent?

Yes! Once new brain pathways are built, provided students continue to use them through typical exercise and play, they will become part of their permanent brain structure.


Are the CoordiClass staff qualified and highly trained?

Yes! CoordiClass was developed by experienced occupational therapists with over 45 years of combined experience. You can read more about the program’s creators here.


What information should I share with my student’s parents/guardians?

Communicating your involvement with CoordiClass to your student’s parents or guardians is a good idea. Parents can often make use of what you’re teaching at school through CoordiClass to support their children at home.

It is also a good idea to share your participation with other specialists that work in your classroom – special education teachers, occupational, physical, and speech therapists, etc. Often, these individuals have excellent insight into how you can further encourage the development and meet the needs of your students.