This video is an example of the exercises for Week 23 of CoordiClass. As all weeks, it includes a set of 4 exercises and will take 5 – 10 minutes of time to provide structured movement breaks and encourage optimal concentration.

The exercises involve

  • Head movements (to activate the vestibular-proprioceptive system, registered in the inner ear and in muscles and joints)
  • Crossing of the midline of the body and contralateral movements (to encourage the use of both hemispheres of the brain)
  • Rhythm and listening to a beat (to activate the Reticular Activating System and optimal concentration)
  • Balance and focused concentration (to calm the child by encouraging the use of the “lower” centres of the brain, such as the midbrain and cerebellum, leaving the cortical areas used for problem solving and thinking to rest).

The children will soon recognize the introductory music as a time to put the pens down and move to a safe spot in the classroom to give the brain time to rest by focusing on body movements. Students follow the model in the video, providing the teacher with a few minutes to observe them or to have a glass of water! They will feel the positive changes when they return to their desks to concentrate and focus on the task.